Offer your employees

Email or call us: or +37060275016

A free service for business customers – blood tests taken at your workplace.

Employees won’t have to spend time on registrations, travelling to the clinic, and employers won’t have to look for a replacement for the employee who spends time at the clinic.

We will ensure a fast health check process.

We’ll test your employees’ blood, explain the results in a clear way and make recommendations for further tests or treatments, with a modern remote medical consultation!

Email or call us: or +37060275016

How does it work?

Choose the time

Please contact TELESANTE to arrange a time to suit you.

Fill in the details

Please send a list of employees who will require blood tests and remote medical consultation

Arrival at your office

A Telesante nurse will come to your office to take blood samples and take them to the laboratory for testing

Please wait for a reply

Our doctors will explain and evaluate your blood tests remotely and make recommendations

Feel free to contact us!

Trust us and stop worrying! We are medical professionals who have been working with patients for many years, and we promise that you will benefit from our cooperation.

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