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Most contact consultations with GP’s can be simplified digitised. However, this is not yet common in Lithuania and there are very few virtual consultations. Our aim is to change that. Our mission is to be closer to the patient and improve access to healthcare.

If you have a health problem, there are three options:

  • make an appointment with your GP,
  • ask Google,
  • or do nothing.

We all know the right answer, but often there are obstacles to getting to a doctor quickly.

Speed is of the essence when you are ill or need advice and treatment.

At Telesante, you will access an online video, audio consultation with primary care professionals at a time and place that suits you. Your personal electronic health record will appear in your eHealth account, in the health form (data can be sent by email if not available). We will comment on your research and provide written conclusions. If you don’t have blood tests, you can have them done at home without having to go anywhere. Our team believes that these are some of the most powerful tools you can use to help yourself when you are ill or worried about your health.

We work with medical testing laboratories to offer better prices for your blood tests.

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