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A virtual doctor consultation can be provided for acute illnesses such as:  cold, fever, urinary tract infection, etc., as well as non-urgent medical problems that do not require a physical examination. Most everyday ailments or health issues can be dealt with virtually.

A sick leave is issued in accordance with L.R. by orders of the minister, for example: in the case of an acute respiratory infection.

If you have private health insurance, we will issue you an invoice with which you can contact your insurance company.

We will give you a free repeated doctor’s consultation for the same problem within 3 days.

When should I see a family doctor remotely?

How does it work?

Choose a time

Choose the most convenient time for you in the Telesante system.

Fill in the details

Please complete all required fields as completely as possible.

Pay for the service

Pay for selected services and time.

Wait for the call

Remember that you are waiting for a call. We will contact you at the time of your choice.

After the doctor’s consultation, a consultation extract will be prepared for you, which will be uploaded to e-health, if necessary, the doctor will issue a sick leave*, write a prescription** and/or referral.

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Trust us and stop worrying! We are medical professionals who have been working with patients for many years, so we promise that the consultation will be useful for you.

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