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Need to renew the prescription or need a prescription – we will write it for you. To make the process smoother, please provide as much information as possible when registering (disease, symptoms, medications, how long you have been taking them, etc.).

The electronic prescription will be submitted in e-health.

*State-reimbursed drugs and psychotropic (sedatives, hypnotics, antidepressants) and narcotic drugs are not prescribed.

How does it work?

Choose a time

Choose the most suitable time for you in the TELESANTE system.

Fill in the details

Please complete all required fields as fully as possible.

Pay for the service

Pay for selected services and time.

Wait for the call

Remember that you are waiting for a call. We will contact you at the time of your choice.

Sign up for a prescription

Trust us and stop worrying! We are medical professionals who have been working with patients for many years, so we promise that the consultation will be useful for you.

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