About us

Consulted by a family doctor

Natalija Vaicekauskienė

The family doctor is a graduate of VU MF. License number MPL-00166. Has 20 years of work experience. Areas of interest: disease prevention, cardiology, palliative medicine, children’s diseases. Consults in Lithuanian, English, Russian, French and German languages.

Most face-to-face GP consultations can be simplified, i.e. i.e. digitize. However, this is not yet common in Lithuania and there are very few virtual consultations. Our goal is to change that. Our mission is to be closer to the patient and improve access to healthcare.

In case of health problems, there are three options: – make an appointment with your family doctor, ask Google or do nothing. We all know the right answer, but we often face obstacles that would allow us to get to the doctor quickly.

Speed ​​is the most important thing when you are sick or when you need advice and treatment.

In our Telesante clinic, you will: connect to an online video and audio consultation with primary health care specialists at a time and place convenient for you. Your personal electronic health care record will appear e. in health (if this is not possible, the data can be sent by e-mail). We will comment on your research and provide you with written conclusions. If you don’t have blood tests done, you can do them at home without having to go anywhere. Our team believes these are some of the most powerful tools you can use to help yourself when you are sick or worried about your health.